Five ways that pain might be misdiagnosed

Suffering from ongoing chronic pain is a terrible situation for anyone to be going through. There are many fantastic medical services around in the UK, not to mention some great medical diagnostic tools on the internet, and many times they will give you helpful advice and help you to find the right treatment. That said, there are also times when the wrong information is given and the pain is misdiagnosed, leading to the wrong treatment.

If your pain is misdiagnosed by a medical professional and you receive the wrong treatment or lack of treatment as a result, it could cause you major health damage. Should this happen, you will need to make a claim for no win no fee medical negligence compensation. This is in recognition of the way that your wrong prescription, treatment or lack of treatment may have failed to treat a health condition, or even worsened it.

With many diseases, time is of the essence, and every month or even week that you go with a misdiagnosis can cause additional health effects. Usually in the UK, the medical treatment and advice you receive will be excellent, but sometimes things do go wrong, so here are five of the most common ways that misdiagnosis can happen.

– Minimising: this is where you go in with a serious underlying health conditions that is presenting pain, but the symptoms are looked at by a medical professional and they send you home saying it is a minor health issue

– Wrong Diagnosis: this is where they call it a specific disease, but the wrong one from what you actually have, meaning that your course of treatment seta off in the wrong direction

– Wrong Prescription: this is where your medical professional is along the right lines of a diagnosis, but they prescribe you the wrong medication for what should be prescribed to deal with the issue

– Late Diagnosis: this is where there has been the beginnings of a correct diagnosis or recommendations of the right disease, but the time take is far longer than is reasonable, whether through administration failures or general negligence by a medical professional.

– Exaggerating: this is where, although rarer, the medical facility actually diagnoses you with something much more serious than it is in reality. You may think that this would be good in that you would get all the best care and options, but it can cause you a great deal of physical and psychological strain to be told you are seriously ill and then find it is something much more minor.

All of these situations are unfortunate at best, in many cases unacceptable, and each of them may qualify as a case that could be represented as a no win no fee medical negligence claim.