Chester court sanctions both solicitor and barrister on drink-drive offences

Drink-drive limit

A solicitor and barrister have both been sanctioned separately for drink-driving offences despite them appearing before a disciplinary tribunal. Currently a non-practising solicitor, Jasbinder Digva avoided a tribunal. This she did by entering into a regulatory settlement agreement with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). It was under this that Digva was rebuked and penalised a fine of £1,000. According to the agreement, she said she drove home from an event with her daughter in the car. It was during this time that she collided with another car at a junction on the way.

News about Jasbinder Digva over a year ago say that she had her daughter in the back of her car and was 3 times as much drunk over the drink limit. According to a witness, she rammed into another car at a junction and a strong smell of alcohol was emanating from her.The solicitor was convicted last year of driving with excess alcohol at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court. Ms Digva has received a 24-month disqualification as well as a fine of £240. While this is a case of a solicitor, there are solicitors in Chester who can help you when you get caught drunk driving. Jasbinder admitted in an agreement that she behaved in a way that diminishes the trust of the public in her and the legal services she provides through her behaviour and a conviction for driving with excess alcohol. It is revealed that the solicitor did not report the conviction to the regulatory This is deemed as a breach of the rules. The SRA agreed that the penalty imposed on her fit her since her conduct was either deliberate or reckless and affected or had the potential to affect a child. This was also a proportionate outcome in the public interest, amidst the disbelief.

 As it was later revealed, and taken into account through admissions made by Jasbinder Digva, that she was experiencing difficult personal circumstances at the time of the conduct which contributed to the conviction. Prior to driving, Ms Digva as it is reported in other news had drunk 2 glasses of wine before getting into an argument that made her leave the social function. If you find yourself in the same situation as this solicitor, contact the drunk-drive solicitors in Chester, these will help you to get far much better results after being arrested. A barrister was also caught and convicted of drink driving at the Chester Magistrates’ Court. This was over 2 years ago when Barrister Peter Moss was found guilty of the offence. Besides being banned from driving for 40 years, Moss had to offer 100 hours of community work.Peter faced a Bar tribunal that ordered the barrister’s practising certificate, who was called in 1989 not to be renewed until February 1, 2019. Peter was also penalised. He was fined £2,500 and suspended until the same date.